NANUK - Features

NANUK has a variety of features made up of the following:

Custom Design. Wide Range of Functions.

  • Configurable, customizable modular design
  • For hazardous outdoor, indoor, and GPS-denied environments
  • Autonomous, semi-autonomous, and manual navigation & mapping modes
  • Long range semi-autonomous operations with data/video/status transmission
  • Autonomous operation over & around objects
  • Near real-time map acquisition & portrayal
  • Near real-time sensor data, status & alerts
  • Able to carry and tow heavy loads
  • Operates continuously for 8 hours and more
  • Optional armored version with bulletproof target payload
NANUK on Grass

NANUK on Snow

Perform Multiple Tasks. In Diverse Environments.

  • Deployment in challenging and hazardous outdoor and indoor environments
  • Data acquisition, recording, reporting
  • Payload and sensor transport/operations
  • Autonomous robot targets and swarms
  • Autonomous ops in unmapped areas
  • Semi-autonomous ops via GPS waypoints
  • Interoperability with IoT platform
  • Repetitive monitoring/measurement tasks in most weather/terrain/light conditions
  • Carrying/maneuvering heavy loads and diverse types of sensors and payloads

Three Modes. Autonomous, Semi-Autonomous, and Manual.

  • Semi-Autonomous - GPS Waypoints - Users can input a series of geographic waypoints via the mobile controller. Nanuk will follow the specified path from origin to end point and return to origin.
  • Autonomous - Wander and React - Nanuk will navigate a random pattern, detecting/avoiding obstacles. Optionally, it can react to any perceived threats or obstacles and take evasive action.
  • Manual or Autonomous - Return Home - Nanuk can return to start position autonomously and on command.
  • Manual - Users can take control of all Nanuk functions via the remote controller at any time.

NANUK Radio Control Unit

Additional Control Features. Customizable for Your Needs.

Geo-fencing: Ensures Nanuk doesn’t leave specified boundaries or areas.
UGV Mobile Controller: Direct, remote control of one or more Nanuk UGVs.
Configuration Scenarios: Users can specify Nanuk goals and paths.
Maps: Creation of 2D and 3D occupancy and other maps.
Standard Onboard Sensors: 3D LiDAR, IMU, 2D/3D cameras, GPS, wheel encoders, laser distance sensors.

Robotic Target. For Ballistic Training.

NANUK Model 200 UGV can be used as a Robotic Target for Ballistic Training.

​​​​​​​Includes autonomous and semi-autonomous navigation features of the standard Model 200.
Armored to withstand ballistic impacts up to .50 caliber rounds.
Detects and indicates ballistic impacts using visual signals and reports to the control unit.
Can be equipped with 2D and 3D targets, representing human figures or full-size vehicles.


NANUK Basllistic Training